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Powerful Monitoring with Cutting Edge Tech - Let’s Grow Together Call Now!

Security Central Professional Monitoring & More
More than 50 years experience has taught us how to offer the highest quality service, with cutting edge technology, and the stability of a company that has been family owned for multiple generations.

Monitoring, Services, and More.

Monitoring every situation. Nationwide. 24x7

Our operators receive the highest level of training from our in-house Security Industry Association (SIA) certified trainer. Our training ensures all of our alarm handling operators are prepared for the rigorous central station environment, and continue to provide courteous and quality services to all of our dealers and their customers.

Regular classes ensure all operators remain well-trained for all situations, and advance with new technologies.

With two full time monitoring facilities, we load balance alarms and operators between both sites. Load balancing ensures that alarms are always delivered to an operator quickly with the highest quality service, even in the event disaster strikes.

Video Monitoring & Verification

Our video monitoring services enable you to provide clients with visual verification of events that trigger alarms. In addition to the standard digital signal, our central station can receive or view video showing the event which activated the alarm.

Details of what caused an alarm to trip are used by special services operators to dispatch the appropriate authorities and provide additional information if needed. In addition, your clients can set specific criteria to modify dispatches based on what events are viewed.

Mobile apps and desktop access

Our mobile apps allow dealers and technicians to access customer data, place accounts on test, and review test results. Having quick access to your accounts at the touch of a button is convenient no matter where you are.

Our access solutions include apps for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. A revolutionary HTML5 based web apps can be used on any mobile device.

Our desktop access portal allows dealers to add new accounts, make changes, and review customer data, including summary statistics on their entire customer list.

Contact our inside sales department for more information or to set up you SCAN app today!



We utilize the best of the best to ensure our monitoring platform is clean, fast, and efficient around the clock. Security Central prides ourselves on multiple layers of redundancy across multiple sites ensuring our monitoring services remain stable 24x7, even when disaster strikes. Utilizing enterprise level systems with high availability from Cisco, Avaya, Surgard, Bold Technologies, OneTel, Windsteam-Paetec, Microsoft, and Citrix ensures that we continue to offer the highest level of reliability available today.

Our state of the art Cisco blade servers working in unison with High Availability services from Citrix, ensure we have the most reliable monitoring platform available. On top of our multiple redundant infrastructures, we utilize Avaya telecommunications, which we have integrated with Manitou from Bold Technologies, to create the most versatile and efficient monitoring platform worldwide.

Advanced Services for all your needs

Monitoring of intrusion, fire, medical, PERS, two-way voice, video, and industrial processes is just the start. No matter what you need monitored, we do it all. Our capabilities cover all digital dialler formats and all major IP formats. For a detailed list of formats we can monitor, please check our compatibility list.

Cutting edge technologies include internet and IP formats, video monitoring, and video analytics, keep your ip for dealers, and monitoring of IT networks. At Security Central we are constantly evolving, and adding next generation capabilities, increasing the revenue generating abilities of our dealers.

Cloud Services

Cloud based video verification, Hosted Video, and Hosted Access Control

And coming soon, cloud services including integrated accounting platform, cloud based monitoring, and cloud based alarm routing.

Our cloud based accounting solution, gives dealers all the benefits of running their own accounting, and includes integration with our monitoring database. Reduce data entry, and increase operating efficiencies, by using our cloud hosted accounting system which works on any device. Added features include invoice mailing, payment card processing, and signature capture.

Cloud monitoring enables dealers currently running their own central stations, to utilize our enterprise data centers, and infrastructure to monitor their alarms. Dealers can concentrate on running their business rather than managing complicated technology

Cloud alarm routing enables dealers to ensure that their IP panels always have a clear communication path to the central station of their choice. Enabling faster disaster recovery, and portability of receiver IP addresses (much like toll-free telephone numbers) cloud alarm routing, gives dealers the security of knowing their IP panels can always communicate, and remain under their control.

Time Saving Additional Services

Put time back in your day, and money in your pocket with our additional services.

  •   Answering Services for you and your customers. Ensure your calls are always answered with your own toll-free number, answered by our professional operators.• Answering Services for you and your customers ensure your calls are always answered with your own toll-free number and answered by our professional operators.
  •   Attrition Reduction. Using our call campaign, we contact your customers with your script, engage your customers with a personalized call from our operators, reduce attrition, and drive more sales & service.
  •   Billing & Collections. We send your invoices, saving you time and money. We make collection calls for you and collect on your late paying accounts.
  •   Education & Training. Standard CEU classes at our site or yours. We also offer customized training, covering any educational needs you have for your technicians or other employees.
  •   Technical Support. We provide complimentary technical support for all dealers. Need help troubleshooting technical issues? Give our support team a call.

Build an Amazing Business with Security Central
Thousands of dealers trust Security Central as their monitoring partner and more

Exceptional customer service and training
Always up to date, with the highest reliability
Apps for mobile and desktop. Download SCAN today!
Generate additional RMR with our total solutions
Always putting the customer first
More options, More services, More quality
Be a part of Security Central's growing family! Discover our quality services today. Call Now!

What Our Dealers Say loved by thousands of dealers nationwide

"We truly feel that you are one of the best partners we have in our business and that you help us to be succesful! This year marks our 10th anniversary in businesss and Security Central has been with us since day one"

"Again, thank you for always treating our customers and us with respect and for being such a great part of our security team" > M&S L   Owners S******, Inc. Roswell, NM
"Everyone I've had contact with, from my initial call, to S*****'s professionalism and immediate response, to your fast reply and account information/setup has be AMAZING! I REALLY appreciate the service and care you provide us small guys. I don't believe I would have been treated any differently if I had 200 accounts, no accounts or 25,000... It's clear I've chosen the right central station to align my business with. Thank you all in advance for everything. I look forward to a long, growing relationship with Security Central." > JT   CEO V***** S&S, LLC. Panama City, FL
"Thanks again for everything. I feel that I should be the one holding a Security Central Appreciation Day for all that you all do for me as a very small dealer customer. I want you all to know how much I appreciate you and everyone at Security Central. In my book, you folks are the best in the business.... and I have been in the business a very long time!" > RF A   Owner RF A******. Bracey, VA